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Inspirations about life, love and happiness to brighten your day.

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!

Hi, I’m Fili. Welcome to the Felicity Project.

What’s in a name. The company name aims to intrigue you, inspire you, promote hope, and make you think happy thoughts.

Felicity is the “the quality or state of being happy; especially: great happiness”

Project means “a specific plan or design; idea; a planned undertaking”

The Dream. To promote positivity and happiness by sharing life’s small wins, big learnings, tips and tricks, we may introduce you to a new hobby or learn a strategy on budget designing and vacation planning. This may also be a place for you to just hang out where you can get your daily dose of positivity. You are also very welcome to share your thoughts and experience on these things so we can learn from each other.

About the website. This lifestyle site is a collection of ideas and learnings based on actual experiences when I moved to Canada. It revolves around everyday life, new experiences and knowledge, overcoming struggles, adapting to a new environment, immersing in the country’s culture and everything around it. Hopefully this provides inspiration and a reminder to all of us that it is possible to live your best life both in and out of your comfort zone.

About me. I’m a Filipina, born and raised in Manila, Philippines and now living in Vancouver, Canada. I’m a simple, hard working mother of one very wonderful young man. I’m a family oriented, God fearing person, a dreamer, survivor, adventure seeker, music and nature lover, world traveler, design enthusiast, foodie and a chef wannabe.

Please Note. I am not an expert nor educated on the posted topics. Everything here is all about my reality, struggles, discoveries and triumphs, as I go through the process of moving to another country.

Thanks for visiting! Wishing you all a happy day, everyday.

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Hello and Welcome

This photo was taken in the Spring of 2019. We discovered this gorgeous Cherry Blossom tree while we’re walking in the neighborhood at East Vancouver. Such a wonderful reminder that there is beauty around us waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

If you’re a big nature lover like me.. be sure to check my posts on “Happy Places“, to see more wonderful photos highlighting nature.

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