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Thanksgiving Home Decorating

My Passion. Home decorating is one of my most favorite hobbies since I was a teenager. I grew up decorating my bedroom and rearranging furnitures almost every month. I remember going through my mother’s old stuff to see what I can use for my bedroom and ending up getting an old crochet curtain to use as a hammock for my stuffed animals and dolls. Every Christmastime, I’ve always¬† volunteered to decorate the tree and the rest of the house. And now I’m glad that I can get to decorate again.. even in small projects like this display cabinet at my brother’s home in Canada.

Design Style. My passion for designing was greatly influenced by my mother’s love of beautiful things in the house, collecting travel souvenirs and gardening. My style is creating decorations using inexpensive items mixed with meaningful things like travel souvenirs or gifts . There was a time that I would frequently go to a bazaar in Manila called Dapitan to look for classy but inexpensive items that I can use in my home projects. It feels so great every time I get a good deal on an item and then be able to use at home and setting up to look like more expensive than it really is.

Thanksgiving Home Decorating

Here’s my simple way of expressing my creativity and spreading some love.

Find your passion. Continue doing what makes you happy.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!

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