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Stress- Free Dinner for Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations

Here’s a stress- free, convenient and easy way to prepare for Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinner celebrations

Christmas Day and New Year’s Day celebrations are fast approaching but the threat of Covid-19 is unfortunately still around us, which adds up to the high stress level experienced around these times.  This year is going to be very different from our usual way of celebrating with big family gatherings, grand reunions and numerous parties at work and with friends. But it should not keep us from getting together and spreading the love, even through social media messages, zoom, face time or phone calls (Thank you God for the modern technology!).

As of this writing, here in British Columbia there is.. an order from the Provincial Health Officer that limits social gatherings of any size with anyone other than the people you live with. All events, included in the Gatherings and Events order are suspended such as galas, seasonal activities, and artistic performances. The order is in effect until December 7, 2020 at midnight. 

Best to check your province’s or city’s announcement for updates regarding gatherings before you finalize your plans.

Whatever we are allowed to do or end up having on Christmas and New Year’s day, I believe that what is important is to celebrate it meaningfully, full of appreciation, hope, faith and love for Jesus and our loved ones. This season is the perfect time for thanksgiving for the gift of life. May we not forget to remember and honor those who have gone ahead of us due to Covid-19, pray for those who are sick and struggling and support those in the medical field and government.

For us Filipinos, there are two main traditional dinners that we always look forward to. One is Noche Buena, it’s Spanish for “good night”. It is the night, and the feast, before Christmas Day. More specifically, it is the meal eaten after hearing the midnight mass to welcome Christmas Day. Another dinner celebration that we’re all excited about is what we call Media Noche, it is a Spanish term that literally means, “midnight”. It has been a tradition of Filipinos to put as much food on the table for the Media Noche because it is believed to bring prosperity for the whole year.

For our family, Chinese food is our go- to celebration food. I have fond memories celebrating birthdays and graduations in Ongpin and Binondo, Manila with my family. Our favorites were bird’s nest soup with quail eggs, a platter of mixed asado and century egg for appetizer, steamed assorted siomai, yang chao fried rice, beef with broccoli among others. So you can say that we grew up eating it and loving it until now, even here in Vancouver with my brother and the whole family.

Knowing how challenging it is to dine out or go to the supermarket during Covid-19 season, my stress- free suggestion is to go for a delicious Chinese- style dinner, ready to cook and easy to serve, offered by Siomai King .  Just choose from the wide variety of ready to cook dishes in the Siomai King Menu, click to cart the number of orders, check out for payment and give your delivery details. You’ll receive an email confirmation, then just wait for the delivery of the frozen items and cook on the day of your celebrations or whenever you want it.

The cooking instructions are included in the packaging or just watch these compilation of Youtube videos from Siomai King official videos on how to cook these foods for easy reference.

  1. How to Cook Siomai: Chicken, Hongkong, Shanghai, Japanese
  2. How to Cook Siopao: Taiwan Asado. Taiwan Bolabola
  3. How to Cook Spicy Chicken, Spicy Pork and Spicy Squid
  4. How to Cook Beef Noodles
  5. How to Cook Mantho Buns: Ube, Wheat, Brown Sugar and Classic White 
  6. How to Cook Dumplings (Pork, Kutcahy) and Gyoza (Pork)
  7. How to Cook Potato Corner Flavored French Fries: Just Shake It

Fast and Easy Christmas and New Year's Dinner Celebrations


No Christmas gathering is complete without serving a tasty and family favorite chicken dish. Order yours from the comforts of your home. It’s already flavored and marinated, ready to cook however you prefer it.. fried, broiled, barbecued or oven baked. Enjoy Mang Bok’s Chicken not just this holiday season but on any day of the week.

Stress- Free Dinner for Christmas and New Year's Celebrations


Satisfy your craving with these special pulutan or appetizer Special and Spicy Sisig and Beef Pares with chili sauce.

Stress- Free Dinner for Christmas and New Year's Celebrations

For the kids, treat them to the different flavors of french fries with Potato King ‘s easy to make yummy snacks.

Stress- Free Dinner for Christmas and New Year's CelebrationsStress- Free Dinner for Christmas and New Year's Celebrations

Check out my Siomai King link to see all the other yummy treats and dishes that you can serve not only for Christmas but also for regular days, for school or work lunches and snacks. Have more time to spend with the family by lessening your time in preparing and cooking in the kitchen.

For more ideas on Christmas dishes, check out my blog posts on Foodie.

Have a safe and meaningful Christmas and New Year my friends!




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