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Quick and Easy Family Lunch

Quick and Easy Family Lunch

Quick and Easy Family Lunch Think of those lazy and cold days, where in all you want to do all day is to lay around and snuggle in your couch while doing a Netflix mini series marathon like Queen’s Gambit! (heart-heart). Well.. that’s what happened today.. good thing we have a ready to cook frozen meatballs in the house.

So why not throw them all in one big oven proof container straight from the freezer, oven bake for 30 minutes in 400 degrees fahrenheit. Mix once every 10 minutes to brown all sides. Slice 1 onion and 1 bell pepper (or carrots too, but we didn’t have it) and then add in the last 5 minutes to cook with the meatballs. Add a cup of sweet and sour sauce at the same time to give more flavor. And Voila’! You’re done with the lunch meal without using any salt or cooking oil and no frying or thawing involved. We paired it with a freshly cooked steamed brown (or white) rice for that yummy and easy to make and somewhat healthy lunch meal. Bon appetit!

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