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Best Family Summer Vacation Covid-19 Free

Best Family Summer Vacation Covid-19 Free

It’s been our family’s tradition to go on a summer vacation every year, and this 2020 is no different. We’ve already planned our itinerary, booked our airline tickets and paid for hotels for our trip to California. Unfortunately, Covid-19 pandemic happened. We had to cancel everything and wait until the coast is clear. Thankfully the threat of Covid-19 mellowed down and safety protocols eased up during the third quarter of the year. The family sat down and looked into our options. We came up with a plan to go on a vacation that does not include flying or going to a crowded place. Somewhere we can all enjoy and still stay safe the whole time. After some deliberation, we decided to book for a private vacation home rental through Airbnb. We looked at cozy homes near Harrison Hot springs for a short drive and to limit interactions with other people.

That’s me, relaxing after that big meal. I don’t know about you but for me, It’s so easy to break my “no rice” and “low carb diet whenever I’m with my family and friends.. everything looks so appetizing! haha

We’re very glad to have found this wonderful log cabin in Agassiz. It’s complete with all of our needs from cooking, barbecuing and coffee brewing, to game boards, ping pong and billiards. They even have a fireplace and bonfire ready to use with logs and matches.

The hosts were very accommodating and helpful with all of our questions. They suggested parks and rivers with trails for us to check out while we’re there.

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Day 1: We left Vancouver around 10:00 AM, expecting that it’s only over one hour drive to Agassiz, but the traffic along Highway 1 was so heavy with many Vancouverites taking advantage of the easing up of Covid-19 safety protocols on traveling. So we decided to make a stop over and meet up at Chilliwack for lunch. We also purchased our supplies of  meat and fresh vegetables for our stay. At 1:00 PM, we continued our drive to the log cabin. The cabin is actually situated in the mountains, famous for winter sports. We drove up on a winding road and because this was summertime, the ride was bumpy and dusty. So roll up those car windows!

Tips: Take note of the shops that you’s pass by close to your place’s location, so you know where to go for the unexpected necessities like your car’s gasoline (which happened to us! lol)

It’s important too to bring all the necessities like food, snacks, drinks, and medications (both for maintenance and emergency).


As we finish fixing all of our stuff, we just stayed in, spent some bonding time and enjoyed the wonderful cabin. We enjoyed a Filipino-style  dinner of chicken and pork adobo with white rice and some beers. The kids played ping pong all night while the others relaxed in front of the fireplace.Family Summer Vacation Covid-19 Free

Day 2: We pigged out with a boodle fight Filipino-style brunch, complete with pork tocino, chicken longganisa, dried fish, fried rice, eggplant and egg. After cleaning up, we all went out to explore the great outdoors. Drove down and looked for Chehalis Park. A perfect location to breathe some fresh air, play in the (coooold) water or just sit by the river and enjoy the relaxing view. It was a short 15-minute walk from where we parked and was not crowded with only a few campers at that time. We stayed there for almost two hours just having a simple family time, joking around, chatting, laughing and soaking in the vitamin D from the sun.


This is a beautiful site situated amongst mature timber. It borders the Chehalis River, which offers excellent steelhead fishing opportunities. One site situated across the road that borders the river. Access is by paved road.

Family Summer Vacation Covid-19 Free

Back at the cabin, some of us took a nap, the ladies started preparing for dinner, the men heated up the griller, while the young ones played board games and billiards. We made use of the barbecue griller for some hotdogs and burgers and made all the fixins too.

Later in the night, the whole family enjoyed some fun and card games, shared lots of stories and laughs over some beers. We also had a bonfire at the back of the cabin with sticks of burnt marshmallows to cap the night.

Family Summer Vacation Covid-19 Free

Family Summer Vacation Covid-19 Free

Day 3: The family had a hearty brunch before driving down to Harrison Hot Springs. The adventure seekers spent half day playing in the water at the Waterpark, while the rest of us had a quiet and lazy time people watching, snoozing and snacking under the trees.

This is surely one family vacation worth remembering and smiling about for a long time.

Check out my post on Happy Places for more travel ideas this Covid-19 season.

Please be responsible and stay safe everyone!

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